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She coordinates the Bucharest Art Pavilion - Art Safari (2019, 2020, 2021 editions). Her experience in marketing and market research, culture, entertainment or NGOs has always blended with events, becoming a mirror to reflect her the affinity for beauty.

Alexandra was part of George Enescu International Festival team and the project manager of Mega Image Community Fund at the Bucharest Community Foundation, she is a founding member of incubator107 project and has been an entrepreneur in the food & events for 6 years.

With a constant love for art and great curiosity, she created synergies between various projects: transformed the courtyard of the cooking studio into an alternative exhibition space for the White Night of Galleries, brought theater plays to the kitchen at HomeFest, organized VeDJetal - an event for the revitalization of the Plastic Fund Factory, documenting the activity of the artists, organizing guided tours of their studions on the UAP Platform, as well as organizing events on the MNAC terrace for the Long Night of Museums.

She believes that art has the power to make life more beautiful, whether it is exhibited in museums or galleries, present in the public space, on the cinema screen or even on a plate.


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