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Ana Bănică is a painter and graphic artist, at the intersection of neo-pop and post-conceptualism and founding member of the groups "PULS 1000" (2000), "Approximately 28" (2002) and member of the association "Art is not dead ”and of the UAP, Multimedia section, Bucharest.


She won the Henkel Prize for drawing (2008) and the Constantin Brâncuși scholarship (2006) at the Cite des Arts in Paris and exhibited at the Performance Art Institute (San Francisco), the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Mobius Gallery, H'art Gallery (Bucharest) , Five Plus Art Gallery (Vienna), Brâncovenești Palaces (Mogoșoaia).


In 2019, her personal exhibition, "A retrospective out of love" was showcased at ARCUB.

Her artworks are part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Recent Art in Bucharest and can be found in private collections throughout Europe and the United States. Ana's visionary and creative spirit also manifested in scenography, in street performances or social art.

Ana believes in self-reflection as her means of expression in painting and artistic projects, a continuous extension of her inner structure. It is the key to creation that reflects a perfect world she is in constant dialogue with.


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